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sex with divorced woman Nisha

Hello readers... I hope all are enjoying your life !!! I am Satish 32 years old 5' 7" , fair complexion, I am considerably good looking with a good sense of humor and wear glasses as my friends (girls) tell me. I live in Thamel (Kathmandu). I always had fantasies of fucking older woman I got married 10 years back & with 6yrs kid . I had good sex life initially but as the time passed after 7-8 years my wife lost the desire. On the contrary, I remain as usual, always looking for and fantasizing about woman. I always desired for atleast one woman in my life other than my wife for sexual desire. My eyes always look for a woman with good assets. I always fantasize woman sucking their nipples, licking their navel playing with their pussi & screwing them hard. Today I am going to narrate you my real and wonderful experience with this women who is my neighbour. (This is a real experience) Today I am writing this my first sexual experience with the most beautiful women, but trust me it’s a true story.This was about 11 years back when I was 21 years & she was 8 years elder to me .Let tell you about her Her name is Nisha, (not real name) around 29 yrs old, figure 36-28-38 and blessed with great assets with a average height 5'4", She had divorced her husband it was a love marriage but things didn’t work for more then 5 years, they had no children as her husband use to gamble a lot with her money and beat her after drinking. So she came back & was staying with her old parents(retired) and looked after them as she was working for a well known company at Kathmandu. she had two elder brothers & one sister who had migrated to Australia with their family. she comes to our house in the evening very often as she use to get along well with my mother & younger sister I was more than happy to have her at home. I had a crush on her since my adoloscent age. I used go as close as possible to her whenever I had chance when she came to our house either to meet my mother or sister I scanned through her body and couldn't resist watching her boobs and when she walked back I think my sister was aware she use to to tont me indirectly but never told my mom. I was always dreaming of having sex with Nisha. As time passed I noticed that Nisha too was aware of my intentions, and surprisingly she didn’t show any sort of anger or rejection. She in fact started to talk to me more often and would enquire about me and my study.Then one day, things really started moving. when my family had to go attend my cousin sisters wedding at Chabahil(Kathmandu) for 1 weeks. They asked me to come along but I refused since there was no responsible person to look after the home and study. My mother said alright and asked me to go for dinner to the flat opposite. My mother told Nisha before she left. Next day morning at 9am the door bell rang I was getting ready to go to College I opened the door and saw Nishas mummy she told me she had come to invite for breakfast I said thanks untie some other time I am getting late for college but she insisted to have as she had already prepared it while having breakfast I asked them about Nish she told me she is gone to office and she has to leave in the morning at 7am and infact she only told us to invite you for breakfast I was happy on hearing this while leaving her parents told me to come for dinner I said I will see as I had planned that evening with my friends. In the evening when I came home at 7pm I had my bath and got ready the bell rang when I opened the door I was surprised to see her at the door she was wearing denim jeans colour and red colour printed T shirt she was looking dam sexy she told me to come for dinner .I told her I had planned to go out with my friends she was upset said o.k. and went back I felt bad and called up my friends and told them I am not felling well and we will plan it some other time. I went to their house when she saw me at the door asked me what happened when I told her I had changed my plans for her she was very happy I went in as was sitting an talking to her parents for some time they started telling me her story what all she went through from the time she got married I told them it was her past & not to think about it & get upset within 1 hr dinner was ready we had our dinner Nisha had prepared some sweet dish for us after that we had discussion for some more time while I was leaving Nisha came to the door and thanked me for coming I said you don’t have to thank me for that I felt like smooching her but was getting scared, we said good night to each other & I came home. That night I masturbated twice dreaming about her. As the time went by me and Nisha became more close we use to call from home and talk to each other for hours exchanging veg & nonveg jokes.Whenever I was at home her father use to tell her to call to play carrom with him some times Nisha use to come and sit with us watching our game. Then one Saturday Nisha came to me and asked me if I can take her to the NewRoad being Saturday even my college was close I told her we will go on my bike first she said no but finally I convinced her that being Saturday market will be very crowded. I was thrilled to get this opportunity to take Nisha to NewRoad. Nisha sat behind but made sure to keep some distance so that she did not have much physical contact with me. I too knew that since we were inside our complex, she was hesitant. As we went out of the complex, the jerks form the ride gradually brought her huge soft hips & boobs in contact they were so soft I used to purposely apply sudden brake so that Nisha would slide further. She was aware of what I was doing but didn’t mind it. Finally, she was almost fully in touch with me. On the way back Nisha asked about the things I do in free time, and whether I had a lot of friends. and if I had any girl friends? I said no! Since I had not met any one to my liking! She asked me what kind of girls you like. I said, I like women who are “well” built. I noticed that Nisha just smiled ( I could see it in the rear-view mirror). Then we went to a small hotel nearby which is famous for its dish. this place is very crowded all the while I tried to stand as close to her as possible and behind her, so that cock could touch her ass again and again. I could sense that Nisha didn’t mind it at all and was also happy to come close to me. I had a tough time controlling my erection! We then returned home and Nisha smiled & said “thank you” I could guess that she was expecting something from me but had no guts to go ahead. Next day Sunday morning at 1.30pm I got a call from Nisha in my college saying that she is going home early from office as one their close relatives had expired & her mom & dad had to go to Biratnagar & wanted me to arrange for the fligt tickets I said not to worry I will arrange it & we will drop them at the airport their flight was at 5.15pm I took one taxi, Nisha also joined me & dropped her parents at the airport on our way back home she didn’t talk much but by the time we reached Thamel she was normal.Later in the evening she called up to chat on phone and invited me to her place for a dinner. I told her tonight I expecting special treat than an ordinary dinner. Then she asked me what that special treat is. I kept pushing it back to her saying that it was up to her to guess and started giving her some clues... she knew what it was but still pretending. she eventually guessed what I meant as a special treat, she quickly changed the topic & told me to come home as it is risky to talk over the phone as there may be cross connection. I took it as a green signal from her I freshened up and picked up a bottle of wine and went to her place. She was thrilled to see me. She had dressed for the evening in a simple red skirt dress. The living room had some nice instrumentals music playing on the system and the lighting was perfect. She poured us the wine and we settled down to talk on the sofa.I asked her if her mom & dad reached safely to Biratnagar Time flew by and we were soon sitting close and talking of her life and how unfair it was to her. She started crying softly when she steered the topic to her husband. I instinctively held her to comfort her. She was quiet after a while but would not want to release herself from the casual hug instead hugged me tighter. I was a bit surprised as wasn’t expecting this so early. As I looked down at her, she looked at me with dreamy eyes and we kissed. No words were spoken. I pulled her to me and soon we were kissing as if there was no tomorrow. She was unbelievably soft and smelt wonderful. She fitted in my arms so well. She pushed me back on the sofa and came up on me. I began feeling her up. I found the zipper at the back of her dress and pulled it down softly. Her skin felt like velvet. She pushed herself even more tightly into me. My stiff boner was poking her and she caught hold of it tightly and started stroking it gently. I pulled down her dress and to find her in completely matching lingerie. It was netted and semi transparent. Her nipples were erect and yelling for some attention. I pulled her to her feet in order to have a better look at the ravishing beauty. She had a perfectly sculpted body and her white skin set off against her red undies beautifully. Not a single hair anywhere. Just the way I like it. Her perfect tits were moving up and down due her heavy breathing. She blushed so beautifully when she saw me admiring her. (So rare – girls don’t do that any more). I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. Her bedroom was stylish as the rest of the house and I dropped her on the bed and jumped on top of her. All thoughts of being decent went out of the divorce. The cock was up and an erect cock has no conscience. We kissed heavily and her fascinating boobs were in my hands as I mauled them mercilessly. She seemed to enjoy that and her mouth fell open and she started moaning. AAAAA HHHH!!! Baby my nipples pleaseeeee!!! Got the hint and ripped off her bra to see those mouth watering light brown nipples. They must be atleast half an ¾” inch long and stiff as pencil erasers. I caught one in mouth and sucked it hard for a while and then bit it gently. OOOOOWWWW YESSSSSS, she yelled. I repeated the treatment on the other beauty for some more time, alternating between the two of the best things that God ever made. She was bouncing on the bed by now. My cock was in her beautiful hands through my zipper. She pouted beautifully and said “You are still dressed”. I just smiled and said that I have done my job and that she should do hers. She needed no further encouragement. She ripped through my clothes like a woman possessed. I was in my birthday suit in seconds. She whistled her appreciation of my dick as she lovingly caught hold of it again. “This is going to make me so happy today”, she purred. She pushed me back to the bed and then settled down between my legs to give me the best blow job ever. She was talented. Her mouth opened in a perfect O to take my cock in. Her tongue seemed to have a life of its own. She licked my cock from top to bottom and then my balls. Her hands were always busy holding my balls and my cock and playing with them. I can hold out for a long time, but this creature was driving me nuts. I caught hold of her lovely long black hair and began to use her mouth as a cunt. She happily complied and set into an erotic routine. This woman was made to fuck. As I felt my juices boiling I pulled myself out of her mouth. She moaned in protest. “NO get it back, I want to taste your sperm”. Without saying anything I spun her around so that her red panty covered pussy was in front of me. as she had never done all this experiment with her husband I just removed her soaking wet panty from the scene and as they slid down her unending legs I realized that this woman was actually fantastic. Her shaved pussy came into full view. Her crinkled brown lips and her clit were all ready and waiting. Her pussy was already pulsating with desire and her fragrance came through thick and strong. AAAHHHSSAAA! ! She howled as my tongue lashed out at her pussy. With one hand I caught hold of her clit and with other I drove two fingers into her pussy. I licked her from the top to the bottom with a special stopover at the clit. I tongue fucked her pussy for a long time and used my fingers to drill into her for her hole. She ground her pussy into my face. OOOOOOHHHHHAAAA AHHAHAHAHAHH IIIAAMMCUMMMIIIIIGGG!!! She wailed and griped my head with her silky thighs and came heavily. Her juices covered my whole face and she nearly drowned me in them. I lapped away to glory as she bounced with joy on her bed and made it all wet. Once she was through I surfaced for air form in between her thighs dripping with her juices. I then went to her bathroom to clean my face and returned to Venu lying spread out on the sheets. She looked absolutely horny as she opened her arms and legs to welcome me back. We kissed deeply as we resumed our endeavors of extracting the max pleasures from each other’s bodies. She was understandably horny. Knowing that she needs some release fast, I invited her to come on top so that she could regulate the secession at her pleasure. She jumped at the opportunity and came up. She caught hold of my dick with one hand as she aimed it into her dripping pussy. She slowly lowered herself on it with a loud moan and a sigh. She kept still for a while adjusting to the size and the fit, while I adjusted to her incredible warmth and unused tightness. Her juices were flowing freely and making me all wet too. OOOOHHHHHHAAAA MMM she moaned as she started her ride to her peak. I grabbed hold of her beautiful breasts and started playing with her nipples while giving her tits a great massage. She was rocking her hips hard as she tried to give max possible pressure and friction to her clit. Her eyes were tightly closed as she rocked her hips hard and fast. She was clearly on her own trip. I was just hanging on for dear life as I was getting the fuck of my life. I too joined in the fun by fucking her from below. I left her gorgeous boobs to bounce in all their glory and grabbed hold of her waist as I pushed up into the her fantastic warmth. HHHHAAAAAA!!! “Harder baby”, she squealed. As I redoubled my effort I couldn’t help thanking my babe for this fantastic introduction. Her hips were moving in a blurr now. Her long black hair were flying all over the place with here tits playing hide and seek in between them. The AC seemed pointless. We were sweating with the entire workout. OOOOAAAAAA! S She gave one huge jerk and was absolutely still as she collapsed on my chest. I held her tight and continued my pumping as we came simultaneously. I filled her pussy with all my cum. We were both breathing as if we had just run a mile at a sprint. She stuck to my chest in one lovely heap of a sweaty satisfied bundle of joy. After what seemed like heavenly eternity of heavy breathing while we regained our breath, she pulled her head up to smile and kissed me with all the love that she could muster. Needless to say that I moved into her flat for the remaining days and many more wonderful evenings followed we were fully naked in the house. I fucked her in all possible ways in her kitchen, bathroom while having bath together. After that whenever possible she use to come early from college I use to take her in good hotels outside Thamel .This went on for a year later on they all migrated to Autralia her brothers & sister had settled there. But whenever she comes to Kathmandu once in 3 to 4 years she calls me and if possible we meet. Everyone of us likes to enjoy. There is nothing wrong in that. It is actually the most essential requirement of our body which should not be suppressed. But in view of moral restrictions imposed by our society, we have to be extremely careful while undertaking any sexual act outside our so-called moral limits. The most important thing is to maintain strict confidentiality of the matter and honor the feelings.I would invite all comments, criticism etc, and all women, aunties, lovely beautiful ladies married or single with eagerness for making love and maintain true friendship who are really BIG! By BIG I mean women who irrespective of age, (20 - 40yrs are best!) surrounding area Kathmandu, bhaktapur can share their experience with me by mailing me at the following address Bye for now do take care.............!

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chhimekko bhaauju

hiiii ma umesh kathmandu, kuleshwor bata, tapai haru ko laagi yo mero pahilo sex story.. mero age 23, height 5-7" ani mero tyo kati moto kati laamo bhanne kura ta ahile nabhanu hola....
yestai 2 barsa agadhi ko kura ho, ma colege 12 maa padhthe, haamro chhimekimaa ekjana bhauju hunuhunthyo, herdai ekdam chiku chiku laagne typeko, usko naam pooja ho. Pooja ko body figure, kapal ani face herda jo kohi pani bhutukkai hunchha haamro tole maa..mero dherai palta aankha judheko chha pooja bhaauju sanga tara raamro sanga bolna kahile paayeko pani chhaina, bas khana khaanu bhayo bhauju bhanthe, ani malai testai reply dinthin tetti ho..
usko bihaa bhayeko 2 barsa bhayo, ra ahile samma usko yeuta pani bachcha bhayeko chhaina. usko buda ko newroad maa kapada ko pasal chha. poojaa ko body size 38-29-40 yestai hola.. usko tyo ass dekhda pani ekdam laado thankine type ko, ke bhannu kahile paaune hola darsan tyo jyaan ko bina lugaama bhanera sochda the..jaba ma unlai dekhchhu tehi bela teslai ghopto paarera chikna man laagchha. tara testo mauka kahile paaye po. ekdin mero bhaayga khulyo. mero flat ko tala basne yeuta keta aayera malai bolaayo Umesh dai uta bhaaujule ekpalta bolaaunu bhaako chha jaanus re, ma turunta teha gaye, ani hereko usko buda gharma rahenachha. ani usle malai bhaneen ki usko gharma electricity le kaam garena herdinuna re, ani maile hunchha ma herdinchhu bhane. khaasai kehi hoina, meter maa down bhayeko rahechha thik bhaihaalyo.

ani bhauju le malai ke ho timi ta khatra rahechhau aaunasaath line aayo ta. ani maile bhane bhauju ma bhanda pani khatra ta tapai po hunuhunchha ta main switch nai banda garera raakhera. ani bhauju le bhanne bhayo nareesaauna umesh khaas maa ma timi sanga kati din dekhi yeuta kura garna chaheko the tara time nai namilera po ta. ani teti bhanda bhauju ma sangai aayera basin. mero lado ta bhukbhuk huna thaalisakeko thiyo. ani ajha sodhnu bhayo malai. Umesh ma timilai kasto laagchha re, ma ta ke bhanu ke bhanu bhayo, raamro laagchha bhauju tara kina ra bhanera sodhe. ani bhauju ajha taasidai aaunu bhayo ma sanga ani ajha sodhnu bhayo "Raamro maatrai?". maile guess garisakeko thiye yo bhauju ta ma bhanda pani chaalu raichha aaja chai maile bitaaune bhaye bhauju lai bhanera sochna thaale ani bhauju le malai sodhnu bhayo ke bhayo Umesh ke socheko ma raamro laagdaina ho bhandai mero kaadh maa haat raakhnu bhayo. ma ta dhuk dhuk huna thaalyo tara bhauju nai agadhi badhe pachhi ma kina hatne pachhadi maile pani bhauju ko thighmaa haat raakhdai bhane. "tapai raamri maatra hoina, ekdam sexy pani laagchha malai ta" maile yeti maatra bhaneko thiye bhauju le pani mero thigh maa haat raakhnu bhayo ani mero aankha maa herera malai ekdam naughty smile dinu bhayo. haamro face ekdam nazik maa thiyo mero oth bata bhaujuko oth testai 5/6 inch matra distance maa thiyo hola, maile ekdam bhauju ko kapal maa samaatera oth maa kiss gardiye. wowwwww kyaa majja thiyo bhauju ko oth maa. bhauju pani ekdam behal bhayera malai kiss garna thaalnu bhayo. tyo bela bhauju kurtha suruwal laayera basnu bhaako thiyo ani maile kiss gardai haat pachhadi dadh maa chalaauna thaale, hami tyo bela sofa maa baseka thiyou. tettikai maa bhauju le dhoka khullai chha ma lagayera aauchhu bhanera jaanu bhayo.

ani dhoka lagaayera aaunu bhayo ra uta bedroom maa jaau bhannu bhayo malai. ani jaana saath bhaauju lai bed maa ladaaidiye, ani bhauju ko maathi bata bhauju lai kiss garna thaale, bistarai bistaarai bhauju ko boobs kurthako maathai bata dabauna thaale. kyaaa mast boobs thiyo yeuta boobs yeuta haatmaa atdaina thiyo. bhaauju ko saas badhna thaalyo "aaahaa sshhhhs" gardai theen. mero laado tala tight bhayera kun bela bahira niskane jasto bhairaako thiyo. malai ta kun bela laado nikaalera chiknu jasto bhaisakeko thiyo tara achanak bhauju malai palataayera side maa gaeen ra mero laado mero jeans maathi bata nai chalaauna thaalin tala maathi gardai taba ta mero saas pani ekdam badhera gayo. ma pani ke garu kaso garu bhayo. ani pooja bhauju mero pant ko zipper kholera mero pant ko buttun pani kholera mero pant tala saardinu bhayo, ani mero UW pani tala saardinu bhayo ra mero laado maa unko tyo komal haatko sapra le malai ta ekdam current nai laageko jasto bhayo, ani ajha samaatera tala maathi garda ta ma jhan bhutukkai bhayeko thiye. ani bhaujulai maile bhane bhauju kiss garnusna teslai ... pahile ta nai bhaneen tara pachhi maile plz plz bhane pachhi bhauju kiss garda jibro mero lado ko tuppo ma khelaauna thaaleen, ani chusna suru garin,

wooooooowwwwwww ssssssshhhhh.... testo majja ta chikna pani aaudaina hola..ajha arko haat mero tala geda maa chalauda ta ma jhan behaal bhaisakeko thiye. ani bhaauju le testai 5/6 min jati chuse pachhi mero jharla jasto bhayo ani bhaauju mero jharna laagyo bhaneko ta bhauju le jhan fast garna thaalin ra mero jhareko maal sabai mukh mai raakhin....ooohhh god......... ma bayan garna sakdina ke haal bhayo mero bhanera. ani bhauju le bhannu bhayo "Ohh umesh bhai tero ta tagada raichha ta, aaja samma tero yo herna ko laagi ma kati tadpeko chhu" re.. ani maile pani bhane ni ta bhauju tapai lai yo dekhaauna ta maile pani kahile dekhi socheko thiye tara dar laagthyo ke garnu.. ani ma teti bhanda bhauju ko tala gayera base ani suruwal ko gaathi koldiyera suruwal tala taandiye bhaauju bed maa paltinu bhayo, ani bhaauuju ko goro thigh tesmaathi ko pet ani naito... kyaa herna layak thiyo.. ani bich maa black color ko panty,.. maile mero haat thigh maa bistaarai chalaaudai bhaauju ko penty ko matra 1 inch oripari khelaauna thaale ra tehi side maa kiss pani gare, bhaauju mero kapal samaaudai malai ajha tala dhakelana thaalnu bhayo. chhuttai kisim ko basana thiyo bhauju ko penty maa jasle malai ajha behaal banaaudai thiyo, ani panty maathi bata aula le bistaarai touch garda gardai dui khuttako chepma aulaa raakhdiye, kati nyaano thiyo tyo part.. ta ali ali bhijeko pani thiyo.. bhaauju le maathi kurtha saarera bra bhayeko thaau samma puraayera yeuta haat bra maathi bata boobs thichdai hunu huntyo.. ani maile bhauju lai tyo pani kholnu na bhane, bhauju le kurtha pani kholnu bhayo ra bra pani kholdinu bhayo, mero sexy bhauju lai maile just panty maa mero agadi dekhdai thiye, aaja pani samjhida tyo 2 barsa agadi ko kura mero laado ahile pani uthera aauchha.. ani ma ta jhan excited bhaye ra pannty pani tala saardiye. ani ma hereko herekai.. bhauju ko tyo panty le chhopeko bhaag.. kapal thiyena sabai kaateko ani goro ani bichmaa chireko jasto. maile bhaauju ko khutta failaidiye ra thigh maa samaatdai ma kiss gardai tyo part tira sarna thaale jun chhiz ko laagi maile tyo time samma wait gareko thiye.. bhaauju ko haal ekdam najuk bhaisakeko thiyo, laagthyo bhauju ko buda le kahile bhaujulai satisfy garaauna sakeko thiyena.. ani maile yeuta aula bhauju ko pussy bhitra haalna try gare.. bhaujulai jhatka laage jasto bhayo ra laaamo saaas ekaipalta leen. pussy bhijera paani paani bhaako thiyo maile aulaa bhitra saamma haaldiye ani arko haat arko boobs maa raakhera chalaauna thaale saathai arko boobsmaa kiss pani garda thiye...
.... guys aru story next part maa, kasto laagyo mero kahani malai mail garnu la, mero email id ho ani kohi pani girls bhauju or aunti lai mero help chahiyeko bhaye please malai mail garnu hola..
we will post here our sex stories.. in nepali..